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Why Buy Renter’s Insurance

By April 27, 2016December 9th, 2020Personal, Random, Renters, Uncategorized

Why buy renters insurance you ask?  Two reasons!

1.  If you aren't protecting your valuables…who is?

2. What if someone visiting you gets injured?

A renter's policy can provide protection for your valuables…jewelry, TV's, clothes, computers and other media devices, furniture, appliances and so much more. 

Your landlord or whoever you rent from should have coverage on the home or apartment you live in BUT their coverage does not provide any protection for your things.

Did you know that if someone is visiting you and they get hurt while there…they are likely to file claims against you and expect you to pay for the injuries?  What if you or someone in your household made incorrect statements about another person…did you know that some renters policy can protect you from claims of liable and slander?

Worried about the cost?  Don't be!  Renter's policies are very inexpensive AND a lot of time you can get a multi policy discount if you carry a policy through the same company you have auto insurance through!

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