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Why Encourage Fitness in the Worplace

By December 16, 2015December 9th, 2020Health and Benefits

If you ask any employer what their most important asset is…they will probably respond that it's their employees. Encouraging fitness with their employees is one of the most beneficial choices an employer can make in the workplace for so many reasons!  

Why might you ask?  Here are a few reasons why encouraging fitness will benefit everyone involved…

-Fit or healthy employees are less likely to call in sick or take extended leave of absence for surgeries or illness. When employees are in the office…they contribute more to overall productivity. That also keeps you from having to find a replacement for them at the last minute.  

-Exercise improves overall confidence.  It tends to give people the feeling that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. This creates a snowball effect that causes them to set more and/or higher goals.  It also causes them to work harder to reach their goals and be more successful. 

-Increased energy levels is one of the major reasons why exercise is beneficial.  Of course, after a good workout, you are going to be tired BUT overall…increasing your exercise increases your energy levels.  It also increases circulation, which allows more blood to reach the brain consistently which keeps you more alert and concentrated.  

-Because those who exercise regularly are disciplined by nature or have learned to be…they tend to make good leaders. Their confidence is high, and they tend to use that to help direct others. They're usually the first ones to jump in with a solution to a problem. Every employer knows that having a problem solver is an asset.

-Exercise contributes to a better attitude and reduced stress levels which can improve your workplace environment substantially. When people exercise, the chemical changes in their body create a better mood. 

-Encouraging exercise is a good way to promote teamwork! Planning employee softball games, hikes or other activities are a great way to encourage fitness! At the same time…these activities improve teamwork and can bring your group closer together.

-Lastly…Encouraging employee fitness shows that as an employer….you care. Many employees feel that their employers don't appreciate them or their contributions. Employee turnover is reduced in work settings where employers show genuine concern for employees. Providing free gym memberships, employee sports leagues or other enjoyable fitness opportunities is an excellent way to show them your appreciation for the work they do for you on a daily basis.

Are you interested in some workout ideas?  

-See our Capstone Insurors Pinterest page!  Our “Get Your Sweat On!!” board is sure to get you goin! 

-Visit a local gym!  The Bolivar Y, SBU Wellness Center Absolute Fitness, Bolivar Warrior Sports and Vinyard Fitness are a few different local facilities that would be great to join! 

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