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How To | Reduce Your Insurance Costs


If that title doesn't make your Friday…I don't know what will!

At Capstone Insurors…we are all about helping our clients save money…are you taking advantage of these savings opportunities? 

1.  By combining your home, auto, umbrella, recreational and sometimes life insurance policies with the same insurer…you can often get a multi-policy discount!  Cha-ching…

2.  Installing security devices in your home or car can also qualify you for discounts…

3.  Hows your driving record look?  Having a safe driver or even a claim-free home insurance record will give you significant savings!

4.  Accepting a higher deductible on your policies will decrease your premium…

5.  How much do you travel?  Being a low mileage driver (typically below 8,000 miles annually) can get you some premium savings…

6.  Some car models, because they are at a higher risk of being stolen, can cause your insurance premiums to be high.

7.  Paying your premiums in one lump sum a lot of times gets you a paid in full discount that can be pretty hefty!

8.  Do you shop around? 

Because insurers frequently change their rates and their terms…the only way to keep on top of these savings opportunities is to continuously monitor the marketplace…At Capstone Insurors…we do this for you!  However, it is always a good idea to come meet with us to go over your needs and options.

Don't be hooked by the TV ads that oversimplify Insurance…pick up the phone and give us a call!!  We would love to help you with your insurance needs AND save you money as we do it!

Thanks for stopping by!