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5 LAST MINUTE Mother’s Day Gifts

By May 5, 2016December 9th, 2020Personal, Random, Renters, Uncategorized

It's down to the wire friend! Is your mind spinning trying to come up with something to do or get for your dear, sweet momma who loves you so much?!  Here are some ideas!


1.  Mason jars are fabulous and you can get them in a lot of different sizes!  Fill one with her favorite candies,

a gift card, some pretty nail polish and any another jar sized treasure….Tie a bow around the top with some cute ribbon, lace or even burlap…She'll love it!


2.  These are old school but home made coupon books are easy and super helpful!   I'm not talking “one free hug” kinda coupons… I'm talking good stuff like a back rub or dusting the house, laundry, dishes or other house work she doesn't love to do.

3.  Make her dinner or take her out to eat.  No, son, not to McDonalds…somewhere nice!  She might enjoy spending time with you more than anything you could give her!

4.  A gift card to get a massage, manicure, pedicure…something that makes her feel pampered.  Every gal likes doing stuff like that! 

5.  Flowers…like the kind she can plant.  That way…every time she looks at it…she'll think of you and how much you love her!

Maybe these weren't the best ideas BUT if I remember correctly….at the beginning you might not have had any ideas at all.  Any idea is sometimes better than no idea…You.  Are.  Welcome.

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Check ya later!