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Service with a Handshake

Located in Bolivar, we’re your best choice for friendly local insurance. We know what’s going on in our community, and more importantly, we care. So come in, say hello, and shake our hands - we’ll prove that we’re real, and we’re here for you!


Cut Costs, Combine Policies

At Capstone Insurors, Inc., we can review your policies and combine them which might even reduce your monthly premium. Just think, less hassle, less paperwork, and a discount, too!


Business Insurance Analysis

We want to help you understand what coverage you need for your business. Our expertise can help you protect every aspect of your business. We know how important it is to manage your business expenditures - and we want to help.


  • “Capstone Insurors, Inc.’s services helped us significantly reduce our insurance costs. Their analysis of our workers compensation plan was instrumental in saving our business time and money.”
    Steve, Springfield, Missouri

  • “Making the decision to purchase life insurance was hard for me. The agents at Capstone Insurors, Inc. were extremely sensitive to my needs. They made me feel comfortable with the policy I chose.”
    Keaton, Bolivar, MO

  • “I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Capstone Insurors, Inc. When I called the agency, I was actually able to speak with a person about my homeowners insurance needs- rather than a recording. The agents were so helpful, I decided to place both my homeowners and auto policy with Capstone Insurors, Inc.!”
    Terry, Branson, Missouri

  • “Capstone Insurors, Inc. handles auto claims quickly and professionally. After my car accident, I felt lost. Capstone Insurors, Inc. helped me handle the claims process and gave me support when I needed it. The service was fantastic!”
    Betty, Ozark, Missouri

  • “When I graduated from college, I lost my health insurance. I was so happy to find Capstone Insurors, Inc.. They wrote me a health insurance policy that I could actually afford. I was so happy with the service I received that I decided to keep my health insurance from Capstone Insurors, Inc. even after I found a job.”
    Makenzie, Marshfield, MO

  • “I just started running my own business. When it was time to purchase insurance to protect it- I didn’t even know where to start. Thankfully, the friendly agents at Capstone Insurors, Inc. were there to help. They told me what I needed- and what I didn’t. It’s refreshing to know that agencies still exist that actually care.”
    Chuck, Springfield, Missouri


Ozarks Schools Benefits Association is a Missouri public school consortium comprised of 33 school districts, with a nine member board of Superintendents. OSBA provides cost effective solutions for your district’s complete benefits administration and ACA compliance. Satisfied Employees…Satisfied District! Read more...

Auto Insurance

Whether you are on family vacation, driving to work, dropping off the kids at school or delivering a package to your customer, you can rest assured that your vehicles have the appropriate coverage when you insure with us. With business and personal vehicles, we determine the level of insurance that’s right for you. Read more...

Property and Casualty

Your home is your safe haven. Your farm is your life’s efforts. Your boat is your much needed escape. You want to know that you are adequately insured in the event of a loss. Our Personal Lines coverages furnish you the assurance and protection you need against life’s unforeseen occurrences so you can go enjoy life!

Business Insurance

You worked hard to establish and grow your business and you need coverage to ensure that your investment is secure. Our complete line of Property & Casualty insurance options are coupled with our knowledgeable staff…the protective cap to your coverage that provides stability and peace of mind.